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At Funeral we specialized in the delivery of  Sympathy & Funeral Flowers, Funeral Bouquets, Wreaths, Casket Sprays, Sympathy Plants and Gift baskets Worldwide. Our Company is affiliated with the best sellers and floral suppliers in the industry and the satisfaction of our visitors is our top priority. We offer our visitors a large selection of funeral flowers and bouquets at the lowest price. The ordering process to buy flowers online is simple, fast and secure. You can have your flowers or sympathy gifts delivered to more than 140 Countries. Funeral is committed to offering exceptional service through our partners worldwide and we understand that the sympathy flowers or gifts that you send is represent you personally and is for someone that is special to you.  We thank you for shopping your funeral flowers and arrangements with us. 
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We make it easy for you to send fresh flowers for a funeral service to your friends, family, colleagues, associates, etc overseas. We have access to the largest international flower delivery network, so people can receive flowers wherever they are. You can shop for floral bouquets, plants and gift baskets based on holidays or special events such as a birthday, a wedding, a new baby, a new Lover, for a long distance Sympathy message, and more. The flowers are delivered in more 180 countries around the globe and each flower gift is created and fulfilled by expert florist. The flower arrangement team make sure to take the finest flower varieties and arrange with care so it look sensational on arrival.
All the flowers are carefully selected by local florists and flower designers in order to provide the best flower quality and arrangements to our clients around the World. We offer fast and international flower delivery. Simply click on any of the category on the top menu to see all the funeral bouquets, sympathy flowers & gifts and to place your order online.
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Wether you want to send a funeral bouquet in your city or to another country we will help you. With Funeral, sending flowers abroad is easy. Through our partners, we have access to more than 50000 florists worldwide to deliver sympathy flowers and funeral arrangements in more than 140 countries. Send beautiful florist arranged funeral flowers and funeral bouquet to show your support during this difficult time. Our bouquets are ordered with all the freshest flowers in a preferred neighborhood flower shop and several are available for same day delivery.

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We are committed to offering only the finest funeral floral arrangements and sympathy gifts, backed by quality and friendly service that is well recognized in USA, Canada and across the World. 

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Because the satisfaction of the customers is our main priority, we are dedicated to making your experience and the online ordering process pleasant and easy. Simply select the bouquet that you want to send and follow the 3 simple steps to complete your order. The flowers will then be sent to the recipient and or to the destination of your choice. 

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Consider the choices of flowers that are available in your chosen online store. Make sure that there are as many choices as possible to pick from. That way, you will be guaranteed of getting the best choice as opposed to buying from a store where there are a limited number of choices of flowers.

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The Most Popular Funeral & Sympathy Flowers to Give


Lilies (any white lily) are probably the most common of all flowers used for funerals and memorials because they represent and symbolize purity, majesty and sympathy.


Roses are one of the most popular flowers and can represent many things depending on their color. White roses can symbolize reverence and humility and that is why they are well suited for a funeral bouquet. 


White carnations are often used in funeral floral arrangements and they can symbolize youthfullness and innocence. 


Gladioli flowers have usually tall stems and are common for memorials and funerals because they symbolize remembrance and sincerity. Gladili have multiple blooms and are offered in many different colors.


Mums  are an appropriate choice for a funeral flower arrangement and they are especially popular in certain countries such as Europe, Korea and Japan.  

Sending Flowers for a Funeral


Sending a floral arrangement that is beautiful to express your sympathy in this tough time is easy. We offer a large choice of beautiful funeral arrangements for funerals to choose from. From standing sprays created with fresh, seasonal blossoms to sympathy flowers arrangements and much more, you'll easily find an arrangement showing you care. We also offer flowers for funeral in a number of prices from Fresh Blooms in the best Price to high-end bouquets. International and quick Delivery next day or same day with a personalized card message to send a note.

There is nothing as important as giving either your loved one or even friend a befitting send-off. That is undisputedly crucial. On the other hand, there are a lot of things that normally go on behind the scenes in making sure that one is laid off in the most appropriate manner. However, there are other things that must be done openly such as laying of wreathes. Putting flowers during burial ceremonies is something that has been around since time in memorial. It does not only show love to the departed person but also respect. These funeral flower bouquets are nowadays found or available in many places and in various shapes and colours. It depends on what one wants.

The importance of funeral flowers

Let us have a quick look at why it is important to use flowers for funeral during send-off ceremonies before delving deeper on how and where can one get such flowers and what you will need to consider while doing that. As stated before, the flowers indicate how adored the departed person was to the ones left behind. That is why family members always have their flower to lay, friends as well and those close to the departed. The funeral flower bouquet are available in various shapes and, depending on one’s culture or believe, there are certain shapes that are reserved for certain people. For instance, family members are given a flower of a certain shape while religious leaders are also given a flower that has a certain shape. It is good to keep all these in mind especially if you are from strong cultural or spiritual backgrounds.

Buying Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Flower Arrangements Online

This is very essential. That is for the reason that the place where you buy your flower will go a long way in determining a number of factors such as how fast you will get the flowers, the quality and type of the flowers, and the price among other things. Online buying of flowers for funeral has come out strongly as the best option to walking into a physical outlet where these flowers are sold. The online buying of flowers comes in handy in many ways. For instance, online stores, in most cases, sell their products at not only cheap but also discounted prices. That means that you will get them at a much cheaper price There is also the element of convenience when you buy anything through the many online stores. There is no doubt that whatever you will buy, in this case the funeral flower bouquets, will be shipped or delivered at your doorstep. You will also make the order right from the comfort of your home or office as long as you are connected to the internet.